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Tangie Brickhouse-Beaty on the Playwright Series with Sue-Ham

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Playwright Series with Tangie Brickhouse- Beaty:

In this episode of the playwright series, I interviewed Tangie Beaty, an award winning playwright, director, and producer. The “Electrifying” – Tangie Brickhouse-Beaty has consistently produced shows to audiences in excess of 1000 persons …. Her DVDs are sold worldwide and she made history, along with her business partner, Donna Johnson, to become the first African American women to own and operate a Performing Arts Theatre in the state of South Carolina.
Excited to learn the following from Tangie:

~ How to Write, Direct, and Produce A1 shows
~ How to Land a national distribution deal
~ How to Take the leap of faith to Follow Dreams
~ What’s required to Open & Operate a Performing Arts Center

Listen below to the 3rd episode of the Playwright Series with Tangie Brickhouse-Beaty.


Playwright Series Interview:



Purchase Tangie’s work by Clicking Here:


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