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10 Things You Should Give Up On Right Now!

10 things you should give up on

  10 Things to Give UP On so You can Be Successful: Below in this Vlog you will be able to watch a very passionate video explaining the reason why you should give up those things and persons who are preventing you from living your dream life. Give Up The Following Today! Doubt The Need to Be Right Competition Lack Mentality Fear Hate Suicidal Thoughts Depression Procrastination Settling   Watch..

Shark Tank Casting Call in Miami by Sulondia Hammond

Shark Tank Casting I had an amazing time auditioning for Shark Tank in Miami, Florida. The entire staff of the hit ABC Show, Shark Tank, was utterly amazing, friendly, and comical. Like many in attendance, I stood in line eagerly awaiting my opportunity to pitch my business to Shark Tank’s producers. While waiting, I was able to mingle and mix with other budding entrepreneurs and check out their cool products!..

PayPal Working Capital – How I Became the Face for February!

paypal working capital

PayPal Working Capital Capital   So many of you have contacted me or posted on my Facebook page that you have seen me on Pay Pal Working Capital’s website.  Many of you have also inquired about PayPal Working Capital and how it works. What I can tell you is that it has been very beneficial for me. I recorded a 4 minute video to explain exactly what PayPal Working Capital is..

Create Your Own Things by Sulondia Hammond

create your own things

Create Your Own Things RIGHT NOW!   Create your own thing. Many sit and wait for success to fall into their laps. They become upset when it doesn’t pan out that way. I live in rural America where quality entertainment is pretty much nonexistent. If I would have waited for a theatre company to come through to cast me in a stage play, I would die of old age. In..

Brand You and Not the Company

Click the play button and Listen. Tips to Branding You and Not the Company: 1. Be Authentic 2. Be Likeable 3. Provide Top-notch quality 4. Demonstrate excellence 5. Be Buzzworthy 6. Talk to the Customers 7. Be Creative 8. Be found on Google and all of Social Media 9. Utilize Integrity 10. Over Deliver on what You Promise 11. Be reputable 12. Be Available Make sure you listen to the..

Steps to Attract Money: How To Attract Wealth In Your Life!

steps to attract wealth

      Steps to Attract Wealth: * Realize that true Wealth is more than just Money! * Stop worrying About Poverty * Save – Put Away for a rainy day * Visualize Making Money * Treat Yourself * Dream and Take Risks * Get comfortable with having money * Be Grateful * Give, Donate * Invest in You * Take Action * Develop the art of selling * Charge..

Enthusiasm Speeds Success: Get Excited About Your Dreams!

In my video Vlog below I tell you the many reasons you should get excited about your dreams!   Positive energy attracts positive things Change your attitude to change your altitude in life.   This is a great video Sharing is caring, so share the video!     What’s Your Take On This Blog Post? Comment below and share it! This article was written by Sulondia “Sue-Ham” Hammond of Sue-Ham..

Are You Overthinking Success?

overthinking success

  Could it be you have not accomplished anything by the way of your goals and dreams is because you’re thinking too much. Perhaps you’re sitting and waiting for the perfect moment to pursue your dreams, to lose weight, to better your career, to start your business, and or to better your relationships (personal and business). Many of us overthink success and therefore we are stuck. I made a quick..

Posted On : January 13, 2016

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Become A Published Author Today

Become A Published Author Today! Want to learn publishing, marketing, copyrighting, book signings, and more? Want to become a published author, then CLICK HERE to check out the online course, Become A Published Author Training Course. Learn the techniques required to become a published author with both your printed book and ebook. This course will also provide step by step instructions on how to widely distribute your books via Amazon,..