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Should I Promote My Business: When Should I Promote?

Should I Promote and When Should I Promote?   In today’s podcast Terri Clay and I discuss and give insight on why it’s IMPORTANT for you to promote yourself, how often to promote, and tips on how to promote in such a way as not to turn your audience off. Get pen and paper out, take notes, and implement what is shared on this explosive call.     Social Media..

Promote Your Business and Advertise Your Business with These 4 things!

  Promote Your Business with These 4 Techniques!     Promote Your Business by Doing the Following: 1. Blogging 2. Video Marketing 3. Conference Calls 4. Webinars/ Trainings   Use these techniques to promote your business and advertise your business… these techniques are guaranteed to explode your business.   LINKS: Sue-Ham School of Success for Entrepreneurs: Click Here Automate YouTube Marketing: Click Here Video Marketing Course: Click Here Create Products: Click Here Create..