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Branding Expert, Natasha Weston Speaks to Sue-Ham

Natasha Weston Gives Us the 411 on Branding: Do you really know what branding is? Have you taken a moment to consider that you, the individual are a brand as well as your business. Today I am speaking with Branding Expert, Natasha “Tottie” Weston, about the myths and facts concerning your personal brand. She reveals what matters most when it comes to branding, tips┬áto make your brand well known, and..

Brand You and Not the Company

Click the play button and Listen. Tips to Branding You and Not the Company: 1. Be Authentic 2. Be Likeable 3. Provide Top-notch quality 4. Demonstrate excellence 5. Be Buzzworthy 6. Talk to the Customers 7. Be Creative 8. Be found on Google and all of Social Media 9. Utilize Integrity 10. Over Deliver on what You Promise 11. Be reputable 12. Be Available Make sure you listen to the..