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Overcome Fear of Success and Fear of Change!

fear of success

Fear of Success. Is there such an animal? Why yes there is.

Surprisingly people fear failure and success.

Many feel success will change their lives for the worse,

so rather than exceed they become comfortable with complacency and mediocrity.

Change can be both scary and uncomfortable,

hence the reason why so many have a fear of success. Success

will bring about change, but that doesn’t mean the

change you experience will be bad. It may just take some getting used to.

Here are four reasons why people have a Fear of Success.


1. They feel successful people are perceived as greedy and selfish.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Success and money doesn’t add up to greedy and selfish. Chances are most persons were already greedy and selfish

long before they were successful or ever obtained a large sum of money. Most of us were taught that poverty is Holy,

thankfully I tend to think differently. There is nothing wrong with being financially, spiritually, and emotionally successful.


2. People fear success will strip them of their true identity. As long as you know who you are nothing

should change your values, core principles, and morals. Success nor failure should shatter or strip you of

your identity, unless you’re ridding of a negative persona to give birth to a positive, new you.

3. Fear of success causes many to think they will have to become a recluse or go into hiding.


Many fear success will cause them to forfeit their privacy. There are  many successful people

walking among us and they do not have the papparazzi following them or writing about their every move.

4. Another common reason for  fear of success can be attributed to the misconception of  ”I am not worthy.”

We are all worthy of success. We can all accomplish our desires. You should never feel guilty about what you have,

what you have accomplished, or where you’re going in life. Your birth made you privy to certain rights: success,

love, peace, abundance, purpose and joy. While we all have the option to have these things,

it is entirely up to you to possess these wonderful attributes. Begin by talking positive to yourself.

Tell yourself you are worthy. Believe you’re worthy!


John explains perfectly what Fear of Success and Change is about.



It is my greatest hope that you will master fear of success, fear of change, and fear of failure.

I pray you will follow your DREAMS in spite of – as John says in the video above, “Do it anyway!”


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fear of successfear of successfear of success

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overcome fear of success

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