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Laws of Success by Dani Johnson


Laws Of Success For Relationships, Business, and Wealth

According to Dani Johnson, the author of ‘First Steps To Wealth,’ there are 12 Laws of Success. Dani says if you want to be successful in relationships, your career, your business, knowing and practicing the laws of success will help you in every area of your life because they underlie every aspect of your life. Listed below are the first three laws of success. We will cover the remaining laws of success in a follow up blog post.


laws of successLaws of Success: The Law Of Vision

In her book, First Steps To Wealth, Dani Johnson says 98% of the population shrinks their dreams to fit their income. Meanwhile, the 2 percent find ways to increase their income so that they can make their dreams happen. If you want to make money, if you want to be successful financially, you have to expand your income to fit your dreams. This is the Law of Vision, the first in the laws of success. For without vision, we perish.

I totally agree with Dani Johnson. You have to see the things you want whether it’s a great relationship, business, good health, peace, and or wealth. You have to know exactly what it is you desire. I challenge you today to jot down a list of things you desire to see come true. What are your dreams? Your goals? Or they written down? Are you clear and concise about your vision? If not, become clear about your vision and DO write it down and revisit it daily.



laws of successLaws of Success: The Law Of The Mind

Did you know that 97 – 98% of the population is broke. Approximately, only 2-3% do well with money. According to studies with regards to the financial wealth of the 2%, there is just one difference and that difference is their mindset. Brian Tracy said that nearly all successful and wealthy people start from the same place. They start with nothing. If this is the case, then why isn’t the percentage of wealthy and successful people significantly higher? The answer is the mindset. The Law of the Mind states that the way your mind thinks determines what you will have in life.

The 2% are looking to succeed by any means necessary as long as it’s logical and ethical. The 2% do not allow setbacks, fear, doubt, naysayers, circumstances, lack of funding and experience, or any other excuses to stand in the way of accomplishing their vision. Are you striving to be apart of the 2% or are you comfortable with being a part of the majority – 98%?



laws of successLaws of Success: The Law Of Value

The Law of Value states that if you increase your skill, you will increase your pay.  Dani Johnson says the following:  The Law of Value is very simple: It says that what determines your value in the marketplace is not your personality, whether you are shy or bold. It is not your looks, whether you are beautiful or screamingly ugly. It has nothing to do with where you are born – but it does have everything to do with your skill.

You need to be successful with your professional, people, and personal / leadership development skills to consistently add value. You must never stop learning. As I have stated so many times before, when you stop learning you stop growing. When you stop growing you will then die in some shape, form, or fashion (mentally, financially, spiritually, physically).

Your gifts (talents/skills) will make room for you. By adding value, you will increase the success of your business, career, finances, and relationships. Work to improve your skill-sets daily.


I hope you have learned much from the first three Laws of Success. We will cover the next three Laws of Success in the next blog post. Click Here to purchase Dani Johnson’s Book and to learn more about the Laws of Success.


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