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Interview With Sue

Interview with Sue-Ham

Interview Exposure:

– Conduct Live Facebook Interview of 15- 30 minutes max – Share Interview on Youtube
– Share Interview on Twitter
– Share Interview on LinkedIn

– Share Interview on Pinterest
– Share Interview via Email Blast
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Please send the following to sueham1@yahoo.com

– Pictures of your book, album, events, any pictures you’d want displayed – 10 – 15 questions, you’d want Sue-Ham to ask on the interview
– Music or videos of you (ensure no copyright infringements)

Sue-Ham will contact you with an available date to conduct the interview. Most of the interviews are conducted in the evenings, unless there is a special request for earlier int he day. Interviews will be scheduled after receipt of the payment.

Sue-Ham has approx 30K followers via social media.  (Below are sample interviews)

sue-ham interview





Examples of Sue-Ham Interviews: