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How To Write A Play with the Playwright Series with Vanessa Lynn

how to write a play

How to Write A Play:

In this playwright series, I interviewed Vanessa Lynnan award winning writer, playwright, serial entrepreneur, and producer. Vanessa, shared powerful insight on what it takes to become a successful writer and producer of stage plays. Vanessa has been writing stage plays for ten years plus and most of her work has been sold on the shelves of Walmart as well as online digitally. Vanessa’s, Unequally Yoked“, appeared in Amazon’s top 20’s stage play for nearly a year. She has also had work to appear nationally on BET when she paired up with Angela Dunlap to write “Church Girls.” 

Playwright Series Interview:

Beyond the Chitlin’ Circuit: The Ultimate Urban Playwrights Guide

write a play



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how to write a play


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