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Create A T-Shirt Business: Makes Sales and Brand Your Business


Create A T-Shirt Business, Makes Sales and Brand Your Business With No Upfront Money

Many of you have may have seen my Thug Motivator Clothing line I started with the online T-shirt store SellMyTees. But what many of you may not know is that I started this line with no up front money. Yup! I was able to open an online clothing store and use the sales generated from shirt sales to help fund my theater productions with Sue-Ham Entertainment. It took all of perhaps 10 minutes to set up my first store and launch my first shirt! After the launch I took to social medial and sent email blasts to alert my audience of the new clothing line. Thankfully many of them supported my fundraising efforts and bought the shirts quickly.


Now after seeing the success of my line and the little work it took to launch my shirt line, I have decided to launch my son’s T-shirt line as a way for him to learn about business, make money, and put some good into the world with his slogans. I felt compelled to share this blog post with you in hopes that it will inspire you to create a t-shirt business to help makes sales, increase your income, and brand your business. In the past I have used several different online T-Shirt companies, but I can honestly say that the ones I have utilized in no way compare to the customer service and quality of shirts I receive with SellMyTees. I love the fact that I can get them on the phone…. Ha… How rare is that now-a-days! Another great attribute of SellMyTees, unlike a lot of other stores, they do not have a minimum on shirts to be shipped out… essentially what I am saying is that if you have 1 shirt which is ordered, SellMyTees will ship just that one shirt…. they will NOT hold the order up for a three minimum.


If you follow me, you know I have several videos on Facebook under Sulondia Hammond and Sue-Ham Biz to go viral. I share all kinds of great info in my videos. Below is one I shared about selling Tees. Check it out:



I have gotten loads of feedback from persons who have watched the video and who have since then started their own lines either for sales or simply for branding. If I may, I wanted to share samples of my shirts from the Thug Motivator Line as well as a video I shot when I first received my T-Shirts from SellMyTees. Hope you’re inspired to start your line!


black V neck thug motivator Womans-thug motivator













The Day My Shirts Arrived!



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