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Atlanta Black Theatre Festival on the Playwright Series with Sue-Ham


Playwright Series with Toni Henson of The Atlanta Black Theatre Festival In this episode of the playwright series, I interviewed Toni Henson, an award winning producer of the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, which is in currently in its fifth year of operation. The festival provides a platform for artists to bring their work to their stage. Persons from all over the world travel to perform at the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival..

Tangie Brickhouse-Beaty on the Playwright Series with Sue-Ham

playwright how to write a play playwright series

Playwright Series with Tangie Brickhouse- Beaty:   In this episode of the playwright series, I interviewed Tangie Beaty, an award winning playwright, director, and producer. The “Electrifying” – Tangie Brickhouse-Beaty has consistently produced shows to audiences in excess of 1000 persons …. Her DVDs are sold worldwide and she made history, along with her business partner, Donna Johnson, to become the first African American women to own and operate a Performing Arts Theatre in..

Lavarious Slaughter on the Playwright Series with Sue-Ham

lavarious slaughter playwright how to write a play

Playwright Series with Lavarious Slaughter:   In this episode of the playwright series, I interviewed Lavarious Slaughter, an award winning playwright, director, and producer. The “Phenom” – Lavarious Slaughter has consistently produced shows to audiences in excess of 1000 persons …. he’s also directed and produced stage plays in Canada and all across the USA.   I am mega excited to learn the following from Lavarious:   * The key to writing..

How To Write A Play with the Playwright Series with Vanessa Lynn

how to write a play

How to Write A Play: In this playwright series, I interviewed Vanessa Lynn, an award winning writer, playwright, serial entrepreneur, and producer. Vanessa, shared powerful insight on what it takes to become a successful writer and producer of stage plays. Vanessa has been writing stage plays for ten years plus and most of her work has been sold on the shelves of Walmart as well as online digitally. Vanessa’s, “Unequally Yoked“, appeared..

10 Things You Should Give Up On Right Now!

10 things you should give up on

  10 Things to Give UP On so You can Be Successful: Below in this Vlog you will be able to watch a very passionate video explaining the reason why you should give up those things and persons who are preventing you from living your dream life. Give Up The Following Today! Doubt The Need to Be Right Competition Lack Mentality Fear Hate Suicidal Thoughts Depression Procrastination Settling   Watch..

You Get To Do This by Sulondia Hammond

you get to do this

  You Don’t Have To, But You Get To…..   I learned this valuable lesson a few months ago…. I have a choice in everything I do and simply by shifting my thoughts and changing my words, I can reshape my world. Not quite sure what I am speaking of….. check out the video vlog below and hopefully it will shed more clarity!     Watch More of my Videos by..

Procrastination Kills Dreams by Sulondia Hammond

procrastination kills dreams

  Procrastination Kills Dreams:   Procrastination kills Dreams: In this TV interview on WATC-57 Atlanta Live, which took place in 2013, we get to the heart of terminating procrastination and jump starting your life and dreams. What’s stopping you from living the life you have imagined in your mind? Is it the story you keep telling yourself? Are you excusing yourself from success? Do you think it’s too late? Or..

Create A T-Shirt Business: Makes Sales and Brand Your Business

sue on sell my tees

  Create A T-Shirt Business, Makes Sales and Brand Your Business With No Upfront Money Many of you have may have seen my Thug Motivator Clothing line I started with the online T-shirt store SellMyTees. But what many of you may not know is that I started this line with no up front money. Yup! I was able to open an online clothing store and use the sales generated from..

Shark Tank Casting Call in Miami by Sulondia Hammond


Shark Tank Casting I had an amazing time auditioning for Shark Tank in Miami, Florida. The entire staff of the hit ABC Show, Shark Tank, was utterly amazing, friendly, and comical. Like many in attendance, I stood in line eagerly awaiting my opportunity to pitch my business to Shark Tank’s producers. While waiting, I was able to mingle and mix with other budding entrepreneurs and check out their cool products!..

PayPal Working Capital – How I Became the Face for February!

paypal working capital

PayPal Working Capital Capital   So many of you have contacted me or posted on my Facebook page that you have seen me on Pay Pal Working Capital’s website.  Many of you have also inquired about PayPal Working Capital and how it works. What I can tell you is that it has been very beneficial for me. I recorded a 4 minute video to explain exactly what PayPal Working Capital is..

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