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Become A Published Author Today

become a published authorBecome A Published Author Today!

Want to learn publishing, marketing, copyrighting, book signings, and more? Want to become a published author, then CLICK HERE to check out the online course, Become A Published Author Training Course.

Learn the techniques required to become a published author with both your printed book and ebook. This course will also provide step by step instructions on how to widely distribute your books via Amazon, Nook, Barnes & Noble, etc.

You do not need your own personal website to become a published author. The online course of Become A Published Author will teach you how to publish online and sell your books online, with NO effort from you to distribute the books!


Become A Published Author – Course Offers The Following!


Module 1 Covers The Following:

  • Step By Step Instructions On How to Self Publish & Make Money In Your Sleep
  • Step by Step Instructions to Publish An Ebook
  • Step by Step Instructions on How To Publish a Printed Book
  • Teaches Techniques To Sell Your Book Without A Personal Website
  • Write, Design, Publish & Sell Books and ebooks on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Kindle, Nook and more…
  • References Provided To Get $5 Book Covers Made

Module 2 Covers The Following:

  • Step By Step Instructions On How To Copyright Your Material (Book)
  • Tips To Set Up Book Signings
  • Tips To Get Your Book Registered In Libraries

Module 3 Covers The Following:

  • Step By Step Instructions for Publishing to Amazon Kindle

Module 4 Covers The Following:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Branding Through Social Media
  • One Stop Shop Advertisement / Posting From Hootsuite To Other Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, etc)
  • Methods To Leverage Your Book To Make Money With Other Opportunities

Module 5 Covers The Following:

  • FaceBook Advertising
  • How To Target FaceBook Customers
  • Step by Step Instructions On How To Set Up Facebook Ads
  • Why Facebook Is So Important With Regards to Advertising




become a published author

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