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We are excited to announce casting for our stage play, Rise Up. We are currently looking to fill leading male and female roles. Below are specific details and locations. Please adhere and we hope to se you soon!

You must register to audition. Registration is FREE. Click Here to Register.  (See Character Descriptions Below)


Actor/ Actress Requirement:

  1. * Serious Actors ONLY
  2. * Between the ages of  7 and 50
  3. * Males & Females


Please Have the Following:

  1. * A headshot (single picture of yourself)
  2. * Have a one minute monologue prepared which will showcase your acting ability
  3. * Have an acting resume ( not a requirement, but a plus)
  4. * Have a 45 sec version of a song to sing if showcasing singing talent


Date & Location for Audition:

  1. * SHB International Hair Studio
  2. 1401 Third Ave.
  3. Conway, SC 29527
  4. * Saturday, Feb 25th from 9am to 12 no0n


  1. * If selected, rehearsals will take place on TUESDAYS from 7pm – 9pm and SUNDAYS in Kingstree, SC and or Conway, SC from 5pm to 8pm
  2. * You will be required to attend your designated rehearsal
  3. * You will not have to be present for every SUNDAY, but you will have to present for your appointed Sunday.
  4. * Rehearsals begin March 2017.
  5. * More info on our upcoming play can be found at www.SueHamRadio.com

For More Info:

If you have questions, please email SueHamRadio@yahoo.com

*** Stay abreast of events, shows, and auditions, please text the word SueHam to 77948 on your mobile device!


Synopsis & Character Description:



Rise Up is a stage play which explores the story of one man’s struggle to assist his family with having a better life. Will he succeed? Will his daughters live the life they dream about? Or will it all fall apart? Rise UP will definitely keep you on the edge of your seats with the drama, inspiration, and comedy.



Paul –  age: 35-40; Strong family man, knows the streets, and will do anything to better the life of his family and help his kids reach their fullest potential.



Natalie – age 35- 50; Paul’s wife. Reserved. Level headed and loves her kids.



Tristan –  age 7 – 10; Paula and Natalie’s son. Typical good child.



Melvin – age 35- 50; Studio Owner, former street thug. Very charismatic, serious about his business. Smooth.



Kim – age 18- 22; Daughter to Paula Natalie. She’s bold, opinionated, regretful of how things turned out her in


life. Somewhat scorned.  (Looking for a singer; not a requirement)


Hope – age 14-17; Daughter to Paul and Natalie. She has huge dreams that often times get shut down by her big sis, Kim. Hope is somewhat naive, yet hopeful. (Must be able to sing)



Bryan – age 17 -18; Melvin’s nephew. He’s cool as well and laid back. He’s an aspiring studio and record label owner.


See the flyer below for all the info, dates, and location for the stage play, Rise Up.





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