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Atlanta Black Theatre Festival on the Playwright Series with Sue-Ham

Playwright Series with Toni Henson of The Atlanta Black Theatre Festival

In this episode of the playwright series, I interviewed Toni Henson, an award winning producer of the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, which is in currently in its fifth year of operation. The festival provides a platform for artists to bring their work to their stage. Persons from all over the world travel to perform at the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival as well as to participate in classes, see the many different diverse productions, enjoy the parties, and to engage in networking opportunities.  Listen below as Toni Henson explains the origin of the festival and what to expect in this year’s festival. And…. just so you know, we have two scripts in the Reader’s Theatre. Be sure to check out Flippin’ Da Script and Salon Drama as well as the many other great productions! 

Listen below to the 4th episode of the Playwright Series with Toni Henson of the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival.


Playwright Series Interview:



Learn More about the Festival by Clicking Here:


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Posted On : September 24, 2016   By: Sue-Ham

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