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7 Steps To Reach the Top by Sulondia Hammond

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7 Steps To Reach The Top!

Listen to the Podcast Below and Begin Your Ascend to the TOP!


In this podcast, we discuss the 7 steps to reach the top  to achieve success, to reach the top in your business, career, and personal relationships!



If you exercise the 7 steps to the top on a daily basis, you will begin to notice a measurable difference in your business, your careers, and your personal life!

1. Invest In You – Get Up 2 hours Early

2. Rewrite Your Goals Everyday

3. Plan Every Day in Advance

4. Concentrate on 1 thing at a Time

5. Listen to Educational Audios

6. Ask 2 questions: What should I do differently and What did I do right?

7. Treat everyone you meet like a Million Dollar Customer!


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7 steps to reach the top

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Posted On : August 20, 2014   By: Sue-Ham

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