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Work with us – Sue-Ham and Terri Clay in the privacy of an inclusive estate in Miramar Beach, FL to unleash your full potential, become a published Author, sought after paid speaker, & a world traveler who gets paid to travel.

Only 10 Individuals Will Qualify for This Incredible Private Client Opportunity. Will YOU Be One Of Them?


You have a beautiful life.  You have big dreams, goals and a desire for them to come to fruition. But YOU find yourself STRUGGLING?  


vision board 1Struggling to get the business ideas out of your mind and into a published book and or speaking career…


When you find the courage to be brutally honest with yourself …


… deep down, you hear a whisper that says…


… “I want more from life than this.” 


Something is missing – You have an idea to become a published author, a paid speaker, one who is able to travel the world.  Your marketing sucks and something just is missing.


You know that you’re supposed to be doing something else, but you don’t know how to get there – especially given where you are now.


Or maybe you’re well on your way to creating the life you want, but you know that you could achieve your dreams faster and easier – and create even bigger results – if only you could find the right mentor to help you accomplish your goals.



You’ve come to the right place.


February 28th, 2015 we are inviting 10 motivated to achieve winners to join us for a powerful 5- 7 day “working vacation”  in a private estate in Miramar Beach, Florida.mE AND SUE



And We would like to invite you to be a part of it. And not only will you have one mentor BUT you will receive two mentors for the price of one.


During this life-transforming event, being held February 28 – March 5, 2015,


We will work one-on-one with you and share our strategies, insights and time-proven tools for book publication, public speaking, social media marketing and so much more… so that you can break through the barriers that have been holding you back and make your dreams a reality.


We will personally walk you through creating a new “life plan” — one that delivers the excitement, fulfillment and meaning you’ve been craving – faster than you thought possible.


Some will walk away from this event published authors  and paid speakers.  Some will walk away with tv and radio interviews and new marketing strategies.  Non the less this event will be live changing and will empower your to take action on the desires in your life.


You’ll get the tools you need to acquire book publishing, public speaking, making money online, traveling the world and getting paid, marketing, getting bookings on TV and Radio and so much more –  Anything your heart so desires.



You’ll learn how to align your goals with your passions… launch yourself toward taking MAJOR action… and create bigger results than you can imagine.


Terri and I will give you our personal input on your book publishing, paid speaking, traveling, marketing ideas and more and will direct you in the direction where you are lacking? – something you just can’t get in a large-group setting.


Imagine how valuable it will be to tap into OUR combined experiences, both Terri and I have been traveling the world speaking, we are both Published Authors, Paid Speakers with a large combined following.


During this powerful five to seven day experience, you’ll also learn and implement the following . . .


Learn and Implement the following from Terri L Clay and Sue-Ham:

✔Publish Your Book

✔Become a Paid Speaker

✔Create Products

✔Launch Online Schools

✔Launch Online Membership Sites

✔Internet Marketing

✔Getting on Radio & TV


And Much, Much More


You have the potential to create any sort of life you want.


To ensure Terri and I get plenty of time to work with you one-on-one, participation in this exclusive event is strictly limited to only 10 hand-chosen people.


If you have ever wanted to learn from either Terri and/or Sue.  This is the best time to hang out with us in a one on one setting — knowing that your life would be transformed in the process of getting personal mentoring and coaching from us in this exclusive, elite setting.


To be considered, submit your application now.

sue on tvHere’s what your 5 – 7 Day intensive experience will look like…


Each day you’ll participate in intensive lessons, activities and mastermind circles that will feed your mind, body, and soul and give you the tools and resources you need to achieve what you truly want:

Topic’s We will hit on within this 5 – 7 day period



1.  Everyone will leave a published Author (required you do the assignments sent out before arrival)sue book


2. Everyone will leave being booked on  TV or Radio Shows


3.  Social Media Explosion – We will teach how to explode your business via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to name a few.


4.  Create Your own Products and Courses – Explode your  business via productfrom fab to fierce creation


5.  Launch Online Schools and Membership Sites – Do you have an online School? We will learn at this retreat.


6.  Business Explosion Marketing Techniques – Used by some of the top marketers in the industry


7.  and Much, Much, More . . .






And the fun continues…

beachexcursionevent10 (1)

Plus Sue and Terri will host an opening night reception so you can get to know the other participants and meet your future support team.

AND then Sue and Terri will take you on a surprise excursion that lets you experience the best of what Miramar, Flordia has to offer!

It’s unlike any event you’ve experienced with Sue or Terri before

We’ve specifically designed the agenda to allow time for connection and one-on-one work with us.

Whether we’re in one of our daily mastermind sessions, eating lunch or relaxing in the pool, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to bounce ideas off me or get my help in shifting the things that are standing between you and your ultimate life.




  • INTERACTION   You’ll have dozens of opportunities to interact one-on-one with me and Patty so we can truly help you with your personal goals and address your unique needs.
  • MASTERMIND SESSIONS   You’ll join a small group of other high achievers for powerful daily mastermind sessions in which to get advice, brainstorm ideas, and solve problems.
  • NETWORKING   You’ll have the opportunity to network and build relationships over meals. Each day we’ll dine for lunch and dinner and get to know each other at an even deeper level.
  • RELAXATION   You’ll enjoy plenty of relaxation time. Growth, expansion and insights don’t occur only during official work sessions! You’ll have ample of time to hang out at the pool, reflect or meditate in my beautiful gardens, or just kick back in a lounge chair to do some planning or journaling.

It’s time to redefine your life and transform what’s “great” into something that’s truly PHENOMENAL


I Can’t Wait to Welcome you to the Private Estate


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