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you get to do this

You Get To Do This by Sulondia Hammond

  You Don’t Have To, But You Get To…..   I learned this valuable lesson a few months ago…. I have a choice in everything I do and simply by shifting my thoughts and changing my words, I can reshape my world. Not quite sure what I am speaking of….. check out the video vlog below and hopefully it will shed more clarity!     Watch More of my Videos by..

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procrastination kills dreams

Procrastination Kills Dreams by Sulondia Hammond

  Procrastination Kills Dreams:   Procrastination kills Dreams: In this TV interview on WATC-57 Atlanta Live, which took place in 2013, we get to the heart of terminating procrastination and jump starting your life and dreams. What’s stopping you from living the life you have imagined in your mind? Is it the story you keep telling yourself? Are you excusing yourself from success? Do you think it’s too late? Or..

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Coaching is essential because it helps you to achieve your goals much easier. Why waste time, money, and effort, when a great coach can coach you to success much faster.

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